Recent assignments

A major donor aiming to understand aggregate GHG mitigation impact across its worldwide portfolio.


A global industry association looking for an analysis of impacts of zero deforestation pledges on commodity supply chains.


The Ministry of Planning of a top-five greenhouse-gas emitting country for the review of the national climate-change action plan.


Several UN agencies looking for expert advisory on REDD+ mitigation actions.


A major developing country's Ministry of the Environment building a new division for the evaluation of greenhouse-gas mitigation actions.


A fortune 100 company carrying out due diligence on carbon forestry projects to invest in.


A world-leading conservation NGO acquiring funding for activities around oil-palm management in Colombia and Indonesia.


The energy sector of an Indonesian province engaging in a forum to discuss green growth.


A UN agency needing independent review of an engagement proposal.


A European country's forest service scoping for options to channel monetary benefits of GHG reduction to landowners.

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